The Man in the Box

The Man in the Box Part 2

Animations by Bob Atkinson(writing and photography) and Ryan Cameron (clay models/sets/flash animation) Voice: Kim Dunn Music: Kurt Hahn

Henrietta Concept
Concept/Models/sets/photography by Rand Gaynor Animation by Ryan Cameron

Misc Experiments:

Swamp Things
Concept/Voice by Bob Atkinson Animation/Models/Set by Ryan Cameron

Cupboard man
Concept/Set/Animation by Ryan Cameron Voice Isobel Cameron Music Jon Anderson Cupboardman model by Frank Forrestall

MITB pre painting and hair...mostly fimo and latex at this point...


NWWE is no longer a company but the content will continue to be available here. it is copyright 2004 Ryan Cameron and Bob Atkinson, as well as names here.