Welcome to a site showing a collaboration between Ryan Cameron and Bob Atkinson. Bob sadly passed away in February 2017, and this site will remain up as an example of some of his creative talent and abilities. Enjoy the work!

In memory of Bob, donations can be made to his former partner Sue. GoFundMe Page

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The Man in the Box - flash version

The Man in the Box Part 2 - flash version

Voice: Kim Dunn Music: Kurt Hahn

Cupboard man - the original inspiration for the man in the box.
Concept/Set/Animation by Ryan Cameron Voice Isobel Cameron Music Jon Anderson Cupboardman model by Frank Forrestall

MITB pre painting and hair...mostly fimo and latex at this point...


NWWE is no longer a company but the content will continue to be available here. it is copyright 2000 - 2017 Ryan Cameron and Bob Atkinson, as well as names here.